Content Management Systems

Do you know how to code with HTML, CSS, JavaScript or any other coding languages? If you have no idea what to do with any of these are or what they do or if you are simply lost with the concepts of what these languages can achieve then perhaps a CMS is down your alley if you are looking to build a website. A CMS may help ease the confusion and headache of building a website and developing content.

Websites must be built using a coding language such as HTML or CSS among others. However some web based applications offer an easier way to build such content by allowing the user to build a website using a CMS. A CMS is a sort of blueprint which one can follow by filling in the gaps with content that they wish to publicize. There is no easy way to build a website (1).

In order to build a successful and attention catching website with amazing content one has to understand the concept of what a truly wonderful website consists of. In other words, one needs to have the creative vision of what a beautiful site is and not just throw something together. The top CMS’s of 2016 are ocPortal, WordPress, and Droopal (2). These sites may help with the ease of building a site however there still needs to be a visionary in order to build it; a CMS can only get you so far according(3).




Open Source

Open Source software is a type of software that may be altered, tweaked and added to in order to improve upon its performance and function. According to some software such as compiled software is tricky to rewrite. However open source software actually encourages you to modify its code. There are several open source codes out there that are well known and waiting to be tweaked and rewritten by us.

Some of these open sources consist of programs such as Fire Fox according to Fire Fox is a well known web browser that actually allows the user or developer to view and modify the source code. According to PERL (a scripting language), and APACHE (A web server) are also open source. There are many open source programs out there that are just itching to have your personal touch to improve them. Give it a shot.

Mobile Apps

“What is a Mobile App”?: some people may wonder. A mobile app is different from a desktop or computer application that is a program which can pose as an icon on your home screen. Mobile phones have a less limited amount of memory and storage or at least they used to, therefore applications needed to use less memory resources in order to please the user and operate smoothly. Hence over time the mobile app was created in order to offer a smooth desktop like experience by allowing users to use programs on their phones as they would their home computers.

According to 92.88 billion free mobile app downloads and 9.19 billion paid app downloads have been received to handheld devices so far. This is some serious numbers. There must be something to this that points to the potential impact that a mobile app can have on society. states that there have been a staggering 130 billion cumulative app downloads have beenĀ  from Apples App Store. In December 2014 according to 230 billion minutes were spent on the mobile Face Book app. Maybe we all could benefit from putting the phones down and smelling the roses for a few.

Do I Want A Cloud??

Some people are confused on what cloud storage is or does. I will try to sum it up as simply as possible. Try to imagine a place where you can store all of your files, documents, pictures, movies and such other than on your hard drive or a portable storage device. Where would you store it you ask; well if you have an internet connection you could store it on a cloud storage. Simply put if you have an online connection you could store it on the web; this is cloud storage, but cloud computing is a little different but not much different than what you do when you surf the web.

Cloud computing can be see in online applications that you must open a browser to use such as you do when you open any website. However, cloud computing is not used merely for browsing and searching but rather for certain tasks just the same as you would on your own computer without a network connection. I have Microsoft Office installed locally on my machine. Locally means I do not have to use the internet in order to use these programs.

Cloud computing can offer online versions of these programs and also let me store my work in the cloud so that when I have an internet connection I may edit and review my work at a later time. I can still store my work on my local machine but through cloud storage I will never lose my work if my computer were to become unusable. I hope this sheds a little light on what the cloud is and what it does.,2817,2372163,00.asp

Content Management Systems are Changing Web Design

Content Management Systems (CMS) are forever changing the face of web design as we know it. All of those individuals and business owners who were fighting to search for a reputable website designer are finding other alternatives. Thanks to CMS’S like WordPress, Joomla and DrupalĀ  anyone interested in owning a website may be in luck. All it takes is understanding how to navigate the options, a vision and some imagination and maybe a little bit of patience.

Thanks to these CMS’s building a website is much easier than having to fight with understanding how to write code. This means that if you do not understand how to read HTML or Java Script or you think a Cascading Style Sheet some type of fancy dust ruffle for your mattress then you might want to look into a CMS. A CMS compared to Adobes Dreamweaver takes all of the brain work out of building a site while allowing you the option of editing code if you feel the need.

In Dreamweaver one must understand how to use code like HTML and CSS in order to build web pages and insert content. Instead of needing to pick from a vast array of tools that ery few people other than web designers and a handful of others understand one merely need to pick from the content which is already there and tweak or edit it to their preference. This still takes a little bit of getting used to but nowhere as overwhelming as learning several new languages and then taking a separate class in order to learn how to speak. The cool thing with CMS’s is that not all of them merely tie you down to websites; you may also utilize their tools to build a genre of your own tools in your own site. The possibilities are endless.