Mobile Apps

“What is a Mobile App”?: some people may wonder. A mobile app is different from a desktop or computer application that is a program which can pose as an icon on your home screen. Mobile phones have a less limited amount of memory and storage or at least they used to, therefore applications needed to use less memory resources in order to please the user and operate smoothly. Hence over time the mobile app was created in order to offer a smooth desktop like experience by allowing users to use programs on their phones as they would their home computers.

According to 92.88 billion free mobile app downloads and 9.19 billion paid app downloads have been received to handheld devices so far. This is some serious numbers. There must be something to this that points to the potential impact that a mobile app can have on society. states that there have been a staggering 130 billion cumulative app downloads have beenĀ  from Apples App Store. In December 2014 according to 230 billion minutes were spent on the mobile Face Book app. Maybe we all could benefit from putting the phones down and smelling the roses for a few.


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