Do I Want A Cloud??

Some people are confused on what cloud storage is or does. I will try to sum it up as simply as possible. Try to imagine a place where you can store all of your files, documents, pictures, movies and such other than on your hard drive or a portable storage device. Where would you store it you ask; well if you have an internet connection you could store it on a cloud storage. Simply put if you have an online connection you could store it on the web; this is cloud storage, but cloud computing is a little different but not much different than what you do when you surf the web.

Cloud computing can be see in online applications that you must open a browser to use such as you do when you open any website. However, cloud computing is not used merely for browsing and searching but rather for certain tasks just the same as you would on your own computer without a network connection. I have Microsoft Office installed locally on my machine. Locally means I do not have to use the internet in order to use these programs.

Cloud computing can offer online versions of these programs and also let me store my work in the cloud so that when I have an internet connection I may edit and review my work at a later time. I can still store my work on my local machine but through cloud storage I will never lose my work if my computer were to become unusable. I hope this sheds a little light on what the cloud is and what it does.,2817,2372163,00.asp


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