The contribution of social media to digital media design is priceless. There would not be any smooth navigation bars, vibrant header and footers, animations, clear cut menu tabs or anything that makes a site look like a site. Thanks to DMD we are only limited by our imaginations and knowledge as far as what we can do to make a blog, social media page , website look beautiful, and work flawlessly.

Social media sites are consumed by tools to personalize your page these days. With tools built in to the site itself to customize, import, edit code, and so much more, it is truly amazing how far we have come in website designs and webpage layouts. Our options of expressing our own personalities or taste is as easily chosen as what color jelly bean to try first in a candy store. We must only pick one that represents our individuality.

However we cannot stop there, we must fight the urge to go overboard with customization’s, widgets, videos, pictures, music, and whatever we can cram into our page. Now that we have decided on a website to represent our style, and have created our page, now we need to customize it with our own personal style. DMD allows us to do that and thanks to DMD we can share our page with the world, or did I mean to say thanks to our page we can now share our DMD with the world? They kind of compliment one another.


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